Weddings, family celebrations and corporate events can all be stressful. It’s important to refresh, rejuvenate and unwind, so you can enjoy the experience rather than just being tired or worried all the time!

At Haveli Regale, we offer a plethora of activities to relax your body, mind and soul. Pamper yourself with wellness services ranging from yoga and massage to beauty and spa treatments. Or, immerse yourself in Kashmiri heritage, art and culture by attending seasonal music, dance and craft events (check availability here).

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“Aab ounthe mei, bathe taraem wathiha,” (My mouth is now watering; I wish a Taraem would arrive!) is a traditional Kashmiri phrase that your guests are sure to declare when the aromas of our feasts reach them.

At Haveli Regale, we consider the preparation and serving of food to be more of an art form than an activity. Our experienced chefs take pride in crafting and customising exquisite dishes for in-house dining and banquets, including the best of global cuisine as well as traditional Kashmiri food. Hygiene and quality remain of utmost importance, and the food preparation areas have been specifically constructed with the health of our guests in mind.

If you’re hosting an event at Haveli Regale, we suggest you opt for Kashmiri wazwan, a multi-course menu with delectable offerings that are internationally renowned as the very pinnacle of formal banquets. After all, the Wazwan is not just a regular meal. It’s an institution unto itself – much like marriage. For us, our guests grace the dastarkhwan to share not just food, but a piece of heritage in a Traem. Cooked in traditional nickel-plated copper vessels over simmering fires of wood from old fruit trees, all preparations are supervised overnight by the vaste waza (master chef) himself.

In honour of the socio-cultural sentiment of Kashmir, as well as state laws, alcohol is neither served nor permitted at Haveli Regale and is strictly prohibited anywhere on the property. We request all guests to respect the same in order to avoid any on-site inconvenience.

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