Stretched across 75,000 sq. ft. of sprawling manicured lawns with landscaped periphery, Haveli Regale’s multi-level outdoor banquet facilities are sure to fit the requirements of your event. With three open garden spaces, two wooden decks and a state-of-the-art children’s play area, our property offers the ideal setting for all-season gatherings of any size. Restroom facilities are plentiful and easily accessed with dedicated male and female toilet blocks. A large powder room is available for female visitors, and a large wudu facility for male guests. Those little ones for whom the hustle and bustle of the wedding may prove too much, can retire to an exclusive and quiet resting facility where they can nap the hours away, or where nursing mothers can take care of their infants privacy and comfort.

Indoor banquets

Whether in the extremely cold months or when the weather is just unforgiving, your special events should face no hindrance. Have a large formal gathering to host or an intimate sit-down event, pick one of our two indoor banquets for your special event:

The Majestic Ball– the grand formal set up of 500 guests in round tables and up to 1000 in traditional sit down / trami set up in a 10,000 square feet covered and climate controlled marquee.

The Royal Oak– indoor formal set up of 100 guests in round tables and up to 200 in traditional sit down / trami set up in a climate controlled 1700sq ft hall with elegant wooden floors and classical Kashmiri katambandh ceilings.

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Landscaped spaces, elevated decks with a view of Shankracharya Temple

Choose from one of four open spaces that meets your space and capacity requirements.

Manicured Lawns

Lush green lawns flanked by Kashmir’s famed Chinar trees and native floral saplings create a gorgeous backdrop for your special intimate wedding or corporate occasions alike.

Chinar Bagh– host large weddings, family functions and other formal gatherings of up to 400 guests within this spacious alfresco venue. The venue easily accommodates double the capacity for casual gatherings such as large parties and wedding receptions.

Golaab Bagh– host small gatherings of up to 100 pax in a formal set up.

Chinar Bagh

Golaab Bagh

Wooden Decks

These mezzanine open-air wooden decks with their all-weather seasoned rustic wooden flooring provides a warm contrast to the surrounding green lawns and crisp blue skies.

Mastaba – formal , semi-formal, and casual set ups of up to 100 pax, making it a great choice for private events, and family parties with select invitees.

Parthenon – formal , semi-formal, and casual set ups, accommodates up to 150 people – perfect for seasonal events, and corporate functions and the extended family to meet and greet.